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Do it Right – The First Time

— Dictum Meum Pactum —


At SDM, despite being a small company, we boast a robust network forged over many years of multifaceted work within the shipping industry. This enables us to actively support our customers in numerous ways:

Bunker Trading/Broking/Operations, etc.

We specialise in sourcing bunkers globally. Our business model is straightforward: nothing is too challenging, and we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. We offer tailored advice on the most suitable bunker options based on factors such as intended route, vessel type, and cargo type. Our pricing is highly competitive, as we believe in transparency and strive to establish mutually agreeable margins, fostering a partnership built on trust.

Post-Fixing Bunkers

This is where much of our expertise lies. We diligently monitor all participants in the bunkering process, ensuring everything is in order. In the event of any issues, we offer proactive assistance to ensure smooth operations. Our proactive approach has often pre-empted and resolved problems in advance, saving our customers time and money by avoiding conflicts and operational disruptions.

Cargo Trading

While not our primary focus, we occasionally assist our customers and suppliers in cargo trading. Leveraging our extensive network, we facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers of various bunker products across different cargo sizes.


We offer a diverse range of consulting services to our clients. This includes providing insights into emerging areas of interest, assisting in customer support mapping for potential new bunker areas, and offering expertise in bunker hedging and setting up M2M systems for process control.