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Do it Right – The First Time

— Dictum Meum Pactum —



Sea Dragon Marine Consulting, SLU, emerges from two generations deeply rooted in shipping, collectively amassing nearly 80 years of experience across at least 8 sectors of the Shipping and Oil Industry. Given this extensive background, it becomes imperative to reflect on the industry’s impact on the environment.

Over the past three decades, the industry has made significant strides in implementing new regulations governing ships and the fuels they utilise. Sea Dragon Marine Consulting, SLU, has been at the forefront of actively embracing this new era, particularly by considering the diverse range of fuels mandated by the IMO to promote and sustain a healthier environment for future generations.

In this endeavour, our primary goal is to facilitate a transition towards cleaner and more sustainable practices, thereby contributing to a cleaner and healthier climate. It is our aspiration that our efforts will inspire other industries to adopt similar commitments and perhaps even emulate our strong desire to institute better policies and practices within their commercial enterprises.